Gay Marriage & being for it


Don’t use really big words. Break them down! Include a counter argument paragraph. Which would be its a sin. (religion)


Same sex marriage, also referred to as gay marriage, is a union between individuals of the same sex.  Also referred to as   marriage equality, gay marriage has been supported or vilified with all types of views ranging from individual rights to moral and religious views. It will always remain a controversial debate in the society, especially between conservatives who vehemently opposed gay marriage and progressives who thinks it is time to break away from norms and practices that have entangled individual’s rights and freedom. Whether or not gay marriages should be legalized remains an emotional issue in the society. Legalization of gay marriages remains a civil rights, political, social, and moral-religious issue. However, in   liberalized world, where every person has the right to practices and do what they want and without infringing on the rights of other people, there is not reason to deny individuals the right to marry who they want. Sexuality should not be in issue of denying individuals the right to live together. Contrary to most beliefs, same sex couples live a normal life like heterosexual couples and can support a family in the same capacity. Therefore, gay marriages should be legalized.