Gathering and Sharing of News on Social Media


Gathering and Sharing of News on Social Media
requirement”1000 word case study choosing an example of successful social media use in journalism or public relations. Students must choose a real example of successful social media use in a news or PR context and demonstrate its success by reference to quality criteria gleaned from the textbook and other readings.”.
it needs the successful case, however, we use the unsuccessful, so pls revise the whole assignment, pls deliver revision before 21st.


The introduction of the social media has affected journalism and news in different ways as it has formed a tool for people to interact and share information. Journalists gather and share information on the social media, which has helped grow the audience. People visit the social media sites to gather news and information, and journalists have taken advantage of sharing information with the ready audience on the platforms (Schifferes, et al. 2014). Social media has been used in Australia in various instances to share and gather information. Although most of the information shared is used as news by the different people, some information has been used as evidence in court cases while other information has been used to save lives in the country. The paper evaluates a case where social media was used to share and gather information by journalists in Australia.