Fun Challenge

Sometime during the week you need to have a meal with your family, friends, neighbors, ect where your only means of communication is non-verbal.

The rules:

  1. You may verbally explain the rules to the group before you begin
  2. Everyone must agree that verbal language is not to be spoken.
  3. You may not use pencil and paper to write out your conversation
  4. If you know American Sign Language, you may not use that form of communication
  5. You must find out something about at least one member that you do not already know.  (something that happened during the day, etc)
  6. You must tell at least one person something that you did the day of this challenge.
  7. The meal must be non-verbal as well.  So brush up on your non-verbal manners since you do not want to just grab the food from across the table.
  8. The length of the challenge is up to you.  Most individuals take at least 30 minutes

    Have fun and let’s hear your results

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