Freedom of Speech Denied- Dignity Assaulted


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Freedom of Speech DeniedDignity Assaulted

Freedom of Speech Denied- Dignity Assaulted


This article explains how the aspect of freedom of speech, provided in the Sarbanes-Oxley Act has been wrongly perceived by whistleblowers and how wrongly this Act has been implemented by various legal bodies, layers, employers and employees. The OSHA and GAP have equally failed in ensuring proper implementation of the various statutes provided in the first Amendment Act. In the perspectives of whistleblowers, it is all about protection of their integrity, personal conscience and past successful stories (Rothschild). However, the article explains how various whistleblowers have undergone various organizational reprisals that further affect them socially, economically and politically. As a result, there is growing fear among employees, because the available laws do not even provide adequate protection due to complexities in their implementations (Rothschild). However, one fact that remains is that these Laws insulate some officials, employers and states. Therefore as a matter of attacking fraudulent deals in organizations, the article explains that there is need of coming up with one universal law that will apply both to public and private sectors regardless of the State or employer (Rothschild).