Freedom of expression is not confined to speaking


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During the founding years of the United States, the founding fathers utmost concern was expanding freedom to all the citizens of the country.  Since the founding of the United States, the call for freedom has been expanded beyond the bonders and today, there are fundamental freedoms that are recognized by international bodies like the United Nations, and others. Almost all countries have constitutions that guarantee their citizens right to certain freedoms.  These freedoms, which are collectively known as freedom of expression, have been considered a key pillar of a democratic form of government. However, there have been misconceptions that freedom of expression pertains to freedom of speech only. There are four main important freedoms that were articulated by the founding fathers of the United States.  The four include the right to speech, right to worship, right to want, a right from fear. These freedoms are important in the conceptualization of the freedom of expression.  Freedom of speech is a part of freedom of expression and not its totality. Therefore, freedom of expression should not be limited to freedom of speech only but should include the other freedoms as well.