Frederick Douglas, Narrative of The Life of Frederick Douglas An American Slave


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Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglas an American Slave is a book that was written by Frederic Douglas in 1845. The first publication of the book was done by the American Antislavery Society, an organization that was dedicated to fighting the end of slavery in the United States.  It is an autobiography that details the life and work of Frederick Douglas.  In the book, Frederick Douglass is the main author. The use of first person tense is important in the book because it drives the point of self narration home, making the book appear more of an autobiography. Written in Massachusetts in 1945, the book has retained is relevance to date because of its detailed account of the author as an American slave.  The memoir has been held as one of the most famous and most important among a number of narratives that have been penned by freed slaves in the same period that campaigned for the abolition of the slavery in the United States. In addition, the book is held as the most important piece of literature held by the movement for abolitionist of slavery of the 19th century.  The main setting of the book is in the Eastern shore of Maryland, Baltimore, New York City, New Bedford, and Massachusetts. The variation in place setting of the book is important to show the standards of life that were shared by slaves across the major states in the United States. In all these settings, the life of slaves is displayed in an equal measure.