Fraud or Quackery


a)List 6 products,services,practice,TV ads,mail solicitation,reports,etc. which you consider to be fraud or quackery.
b)Provide a description of each of the things listed above regarding what they are used for ,why you think they are quackery and how you located them.
c) Briefly describe an experience in which you or someone else you know has been victimized by fraudulent product or service.

**Structure of Report**

-Clearly state what your report is about or the purpose of the report. Define all terms.

II.Products or Services
List the 6 products and services you identifed as fraud or quackery.State how you identifed them,what they are (example . beauty,liposuction,hair restoration, weight loss, etc) who the target is (example youth,couples,men,women,elderly) and what catchy phrases or words they may use. For each of the 6 listed services or products, describe an experience in which you or someone you know fell victim to these ads.products,or services.

III. Conclusion
Provide a summary of the main ideas of your report,state the implication for practice,and suggest ways to be effective in dealing with these ads,services or products.

The report should be clear and concise.


Every year, desperate patients spend millions of their hard earned money on fraudulent products and services. The products are usually advertised through false advertising. A quack is a person who pretends he or she is a profession in a certain area, well educated and credentialed to diagnose and treat patients with different health problems. A creates a personal that attracts many people.  This report discusses fraud or quackery.


Quick Trim –  This  includes formulas of chemical cocktails that are mainly offered in couplets, drinks, drink mix, skin gel, and others  that are said to detoxify  the body  and burn  calories in the body. My neighbor falls victim to the scam but she did not lose weight and I heard discussing it with my mom.  There was a detoxification claim and the companies that retailed the product agreed to settle $5 million for consumer redress (Health Weight Network).