Foundations of Research LT Research Report and Presentation

Resource: University of Phoenix Material, Project Overview
Finalize and assemble paper from the last four weeks of Learning Team work. It should be seamless from one student’s work to the next. Work on transitions and perfect your paper by everyone reviewing and adding value.
Part 1
Find and summarize 8 to 10 articles that are pertinent to the research topic selected (you began this in Week 1)
Show how these secondary sources relate to the research topic (this will account for at least 100 words of your 200 word
minimum requirement)
This will become Appendix A
Part 2
Address the role that might be played by qualitative research, quantitative research, secondary data, and survey research. Once decisions are reached about the approach and techniques to be used, the Learning Team should:
Work on a sampling plan for the project.

  • Consider the population in which you are interested.
    • What type of sampling plan is needed to select a representative sample? Consider the costs of the different sampling plans.
    • List the advantages and disadvantages of the various types of sampling plans
    • Select one of these for the project.
    Part 3
    The Learning Team should focus on questions that will be part of a survey used to research the topic. Consider the various types of questions you could ask on this survey:
    • What are some of the advantages and disadvantages of the various types of questions, given your research methods, population, and sample?
    • Select a type of question most appropriate to your purposes and choose a response scale.
    • Develop five to ten questions that are representative of the survey you are proposing.
    Part 4
    Assemble the final report and presentation.
    Prepare the research proposal on your topic, along with the hypothetical results.
    Determine who the audience is for the report and presentation. In most cases, this is the upper management of the company.
    Format consistent with APA guidelines.
    • For word count and references targets see weeks 1-4. Week 5 should add about 500 words.
    • You need all the references listed in previous week’s assignments for full points.
    • Turnitin plagiarism report is due and worth 10% of the grade (turn in to Center for Writing Excellence without reference page and then re-attach it before turning in to me as an attachment to the assignments section).
    • Attach surveys as appendixes after the reference page or incorporate into the paper.
    • MAKE SURE YOU POST Final Paper and Presentation to ASSIGNMENTS SECTION, not to Team Room
    • Word count has to be in range for full points (without reference page or title page).
    • Submit paper and plagiarism report and Certificate of Originality as separate documents to the


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