Food Security


What do we mean by food insecurity? How do we reduce food insecurity in the US. Tell us how you would deal with under nutrition in the US? Use references and news stories.


Food insecurity is a term that is used to refer to situations where people lack   physical and economic access to safe, nutritious and socially acceptable food that would enable them to live a healthy and a productive life.  This means that food insecurity refers to physical inadequacy. It may be chronic, seasonal or temporary.  Food insecurity is the opposite of food security, which refers to a situation where people have enough safe, nutritious, and culturally acceptable food to satisfy all their nutritional needs for a healthy and productive life. Food insecurity comes with severe nutritional consequences including malnutrition, anemia, Vitamin A deficiency, iodine deficiency, iron deficiency, and many others. According to USDA, about a quarter of all households in the United States suffer from low food insecurity at anyone during the year. In addition, USDA also shows that about in one-fourth of all food-insecure households and one-third of those with low food security, the occurrence is frequent and sometimes chronic. On average, USDA research shows that households that are food insecure may have a prolonged period of insecurity running for 7 months.