Fire human behavior


Complete a case study of a public building: identify a public building, describe the building features and design, the evacuation plan and/or emergency planning, and the occupant characteristics and elaborate three realistic fire scenarios, discuss potential impacts.please please do not get plagiarism or get from any web side .also please i need each part at least 5 pages


  1. Building characteristics

The building selected for analysis in this report is the Paramount Theatre (Oakland, California). The building is located at 5555 Melrose Avenue, Los Angels, California.  It is located in Mid Wilshire neighborhood. According to the NFPA 101 (2003) classification, the building can be classified as assembly occupancy because it is used for cinema activities.

Paramount Theatre was opened back in 1931. It was one of the most famous movie theatres. However, it fell in pecking order of consumers during the Great Depression as people found their pockets with no disposable income. It was therefore neglected for more than 30 years. In 1972, it was sold to the Oakland Symphony Orchestra Association who renovated the building and restored its former glory. It was later made a National Historic Landmark.  This theatre has been home to Oakland Ballet and Oakland East Bay Symphony. It also hosts concerts, performing arts, and movies. Paramount Theatre is located near the junction of Melrose Avenue and North Van Ness Avenue. It is right after crossing the N. Gower Street. The building is located in a serene environment.  The avenue is lined on both sides with green hedges and palm tree lines both streets.