final paper


Select your agency( CRIMINAL JUSTIC), and write a paper that discusses the agency’s formation (2 pages), the reasons for its formation (1 pages), and its current and future goals (2 pages). You should also discuss the relationship between the agency and the Executive Branch and provide a brief biography on the head of the agency (2 pages). In addition, you will select one Supreme Court case involving your agency (KIdnapping)) and analyze the facts of the case (2pages), the procedural history (1 page), and provide an analysis of the court’s decision (2pages). Finally, the paper should conclude with your opinion about the merits of the agency and the holding of the Supreme Court in the case you selected (2pages). In writing this paper, you must cite to other cases discussed in class and to outside sources commenting on the case and the agency


The Federal Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) is an agency of the federal government of the United States. The agency is formed under the Department of Justice. The agency was formed in 1973 after President signed the Executive Order mandating the formation of a federal agency that would be unified in the global war on drugs.  .  The main work of the agency is to enforce provisions of the Controlled Substances Act.  It has a wide mandate which includes not only fighting drug trafficking in the United States but also coordinate efforts for a global war on drugs.  In carrying out its functions, the agency work investigates and prepare for prosecution drug traffickers in the United States and outside the country. It also supports programs, domestically and internationally, that are aimed at reducing drug trafficking. The agency is related to the federal government in various ways. It is headed by the Administrator of Drugs Enforcement who is appointed by the president and confirmed by the Senate together with the deputy. The administrator reports directly to the Attorney General. The current administrator is is Michelle Marie Leonhart who has worked with the agency since 1980s, holding various positions until her rise to the top. One of the case in which the agency was involved in was Sosa v.