FAV1111 Film and Cinema Studies – Tutorial Report Questions – Week 1

Edith Cowan University 2017

WEEK 1 – Peeping Tom
1. What elements make up a film, a screen text, as a formal
2. Describe a scene or sequence from Peeping Tom that
stood out to you. Describe as much of it as you can,
referring to the different formal elements in the scene.
3. Who is the viewer likely to identify with in Peeping Tom?
How does the film encourage this identification? Give an
example from the film that supports your answer.


There are different elements that make up a film. From the class readings, a film can be defined as an intertwined medium, which is comprised of more than one elements working in synergy to create an experience for the audience (Loreck& Rizzo, 2017). There are two elements that make up a film, including moving images and synchronized sound. A film must not have both elements, but it is imperative to have one of the elements.