Film Assignment | Film and Cinema Studies


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There are different elements that make up a film. From the class readings, a film can be defined as an intertwined medium, which is comprised of more than one elements working in synergy to create an experience for the audience (Loreck& Rizzo, 2017). There are two elements that make up a film, including moving images and synchronized sound. A film must not have both elements, but it is imperative to have one of the elements. For example, a film must have moving images, but it is not a must it has synchronized sound. Moving images can tell a story by themselves, even without synchronised sound. Synchronised sound however is important in explaining the moving images, which helps the audience to understand the story being narrated (Hill & Gibson, 1998). In the film Peeping Tom, both moving images and synchronised sounds like music, talking, and others help the audience to understand the film well and enhance the audiences’ experience.  Film must also be seen in the view of intertwined medium. This means that a film is not only comprised of the images and sound, but also the mediums through which the images and sounds are relayed to the audience (Cook, 2007). This is the screening medium like YouTube, Smartphones, Laptops, TV, and others. Another important element of the film is the experience that audience have when watching the film (Cook, 2007). This experience is created by different techniques that are used in the film like sound, images, and others. For example in the moving Peeping Tom, the audience experiences excitement, passion, and desirousness without experiencing the danger of it.