Film Assignment | Film and Cinema Studies


FAV1111 Film and Cinema Studies – Tutorial Report Questions – Week 3

Edith Cowan University 2017

WEEK 3 – Modern Times
1. Define synchronous and asynchronous sound. Are there
any instances of these in Modern Times?
2. How does Chaplin’s use of sound add to the realism—or
unrealism—of the film?

3. Can you think of any films that use non-diegetic sound in
notable ways? Perhaps as a counter-point to what’s
happening onscreen?
4. What influences from Modern Times can you see in
contemporary American comedy films?


The purpose of this paper is to analyse different aspects of a film. The paper covers four weeks, and one aspect of film is analysed in reference to a particular aspect of the film including elements of a film, element of mise-en-scene, film sound, and other aspects.