Federal Homeland Security Strategy


One key function of leadership is the development of strategies. As is apparent in the complex topics addressed in this course, strategic thinking and planning are critical assets of effective leaders. This assignment offers an opportunity to go beyond analysis of historical events and use your growing understanding of leadership issues to develop your own strategy for homeland security at the federal level.

Address the following in your paper:
Analyze and synthesize key government offensive and defensive strategies.
Analyze co-evolution and the key offensive and defensive strategies of terrorist organizations.
Based on these analyses, propose a federal level homeland security strategy.
Address weaknesses and limitations in your overall strategy.
Identify significant resource management issues that need to be addressed to implement the strategy.
Use the course texts and at least three additional academic sources to support your arguments.

Font: 12 point Times or Times New Roman, double-spaced.
Writing: Writing should be clear, organized, and free of errors; it should also follow professional standards.
Research: At least 3 additional academic sources in addition to the course texts.
Length: Minimum of 1,000 words (not including cover page or reference page).
Format: Follow all APA 6th Edition style and format requirements.

Include the following components. Consult Elements of an APA Essay for details.

Cover page.
Running head.
Page numbers.
Abstract or Introduction.
Communicating Effectively and Professionally

Accurately following APA 6th edition format and writing in a clear and professional manner are essential to successful communication in the field of homeland security. Note that this is one of the criteria for your grade in this assignment. Your instructor may provide additional instructions related to writing and APA expectations. If you do not follow the requirements set out by your instructor and the assignment instructions, your instructor may reduce your grade for this assignment at his or her discretion.

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In the recent past, the United States have come under increased threat of terrorism.  Since September 11 2001 when terrorist first struck the World Trade Center, United States has put in place different strategies aimed at improving homeland security, especially with the formation of the department of homeland security. However, the country is still under threats from different kinds of terrorism.  The public still remains a target for terrorist because they aim at instilling fear.  One of the areas that the United States remain susceptible to terrorist attack is the transportation system.  Like in 2011, there are different loopholes that still remain in the transportation system that can be exploited by terrorist. This security strategy will therefore outline a comprehensive plan aimed at mitigating threats of terrorism to the security system.