Feature article


Feature Article or Media Release – Wednesday 11 May, 2016


Weighting 40%
Length 500 – 750 words (Feature Article)
500 – 600 words (Media Release)
Format Word Document with PIBT assessment cover sheet
Date/Week Week 11 / Wednesday 11 May 2016
Submit via Turnitin  on Moodle



One reason why we include this as part of the assessment is that you must be able to identify, and if necessary, return to your sources. Often media projects take a long time, from the original idea to production, and if you don’t develop the discipline of methodically recording your research and sources, you will find yourself wasting time on paper chases trying to figure out where you got a fascinating but non-attributable piece of vital information.


This exercise is designed to help you with direction and focus. Grab your readers from the first sentence and pay attention to the word count. In the newsroom, sub-editors cut all words that exceed the recommended quota.


This assignment should help you to

  • Write clear and researched material
  • Prepare and conduct media interviews
  • Identify the characteristics, formats, conventions and production processes for media formats.
  • Gain a basic understanding of media industry conventions


Feature Article


The Feature Article does not report the news, but instead aims to inform the reader about the background details that give greater insight into the personality and human interest behind the story. The feature article uses descriptive writing and often follows the form of a narrative, in order to engage the reader and develop some form of emotional attachment.


Write a feature article on a topic of your own choice.  You should choose a topic that you are passionate about, and will interest readers.  You are required to demonstrate an ability to prepare and write a feature article of 500-750 words using the appropriate formatting and conventions.


Assessment criteria/marking key:                                                                                          

  • Logical flow of information
  • News worthiness
  • Story choice
  • Evidence of primary and secondary sources
  • Within word count
  • Appropriate formatting
  • Spelling and grammar



Primary: You must conduct at least one interview to complete this assessment

Secondary: Community, local and State newspapers; Internet links to the topic; library and media releases; public records and polls.



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