Read Chapter 9 in the text.
Fashion Now by Celia Stall-Meadows
1) Case Study- Read the case study on p. 173 of the text Fashion Now by Celia Stall-Meadows, respond to all of the questions.

2) Individual Report. Answer the following questions
based on Tommy Hilfiger

a) Describe your company’s brand image and their brand equity? Are they in the process of rebranding their image?
b)Is your company a national or global brand. How does that affect the brand image?
c) Is your company involved in any disputes regarding intellectual property rights or counterfeiting? Describe them and their importance to the brand image.

follow the instructions, and answer each question separately.


The ‘Designer Apparel’ can be categorized as ‘useful articles’ in the way it provides important insights on business practices in terms of trade mark/fashion design protection. The article explores critically how fashion brands, like any other business brands, requires regulations to facilitate the protection of trademarks of successful marketers. As it is provided in the bill, the designer apparel seeks to facilitate ethics in the business practices in the fashion designs by requesting for protection of intellectual property of each fashion organization in the fashion design industry (Stall-Meadow 173).