Q:  If our business is manufacturer and seller and we sell our furniture to other furniture retail stores, is it then b2b or b2c?. I  thought its B2C because the end consumer is the private person and not the other business. But in the introduction for the target market part for our Sales Training Manual it states ‘company size’. so is our target market the retail shops or the end consumer?

A:   Your hypothetical company are manufacturing products for consumers (your target market for your manufactured products). However, you are not selling directly to these consumers, you are selling your products through retailers (e.g. Maine Design); this interaction is with business buyers, hence the context is B2B.



Individual Project – Sales Training Manual, 20%
Part of your responsibilities as a sales manager is to provide continual training, guidance and
sales materials for your sales force. No matter how good your product or associated service is,
it is your sales reps that can make or break your business. Therefore access to good
sales material and training is essential. In this assignment you will be producing some of this
material for your sales representatives and account managers.
One very important resource you can provide is a sales training guide, or manual, for your reps.
It is critical that your salespeople know the key benefits and features of your products, the
unique advantages of your product, how to sell your product, who their competitors are and
which products are competing directly with yours (what are their strengths and weaknesses).
This will provide a basis for preparation as a sales representative (in the Sales Interview),
placing you in a good position to pass on this knowledge to others.
The maximum length is 10 pages (excluding cover page and appendices).
As your reps are making money only when dealing with clients and closing deals they won’t
want to spend a lot of time reading a complicated document. You therefore need to keep this
manual as concise and hard hitting as possible without compromising the quality of
The sales training manual should be based on the same product your team will try to sell in the
Sales Interview.
Due date: 5:00pm, Friday 4 May, 2018.
The assessment criteria for the Sales Training Manual will be based on:
Company Background – how well you can briefly convey the background, vision and values
of the company; Value Proposition – how well are you able to communicate to your reps what
is the value proposition they should understand; The Market – how well you communicate an
understanding of the industry and the competitors; Customer Insights – how well you can
provide an analysis of the target market and why or why not these customers would buy; The
Product – your ability to provide an overview of the product range, how these products tie in
with target markets and how they compare with competitors’ products; The Sales Team – how
well you can identify the reporting structure and territory make-up for the reps; Selling
Strategies – your ability to communicate the sales process and techniques the reps should use;
Handling Objections – how well you are able to provide tips and techniques to handle clients’
objections and stalling attempts; Sales Material – the detail of, and rationale for, the marketing
collateral available to the reps.
A marking rubric (detailed assessment criteria) for this assessment will be available on
Blackboard under “Assessment”.