Facebook Privacy problem


MLA format essay with atleast 700 words.


Facebook is among the leading social media sites. More than 150 million Americans subscribe to the Facebook and use it to interact with each other.  The number of Facebook users is growing on a daily basis. This growth has been inspired by different factors including its ability to connect people including friends, families and colleagues. Facebook also gives users the ability to discover important contents and generate them at the same time – it has taken the concept of user generated content to a notch higher.  In addition, Facebook has also been used to drum up business and organized events. These are just a few of the possibilities that have been opened up by Facebook and other social media sites.  Apart from these advantages, the major challenge facing Facebook, and to some extent the other social media sites, is privacy issues.  The openness and easiness of accessing personal data and photos pose a major privacy challenge that needs to be dealt with to harness the advantages.