Exporting Tobacco and Pipes to India


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Today, more than any other time in the history of the world, the process of internationalization has gained momentum. One of the results of globalization has been increased overseas operations of business. Most businesses are exploring the international market to overcome the challenges they are facing in the domestic market.  The internationalization process has seen the formation of global multinationals that operates in almost all countries in the world. The UAE has nto been an active participant in the internationalization process because very few indigenous companies from UAE has broken through the global market. This marketing plan therefore aims at contributing  to the internationalization process in the UAE by taking the tobacco and midwakh (Arabian smoking pipe)  both produced by  YousifRedha company that is located in Abu Dhabi , UAE, to the international market, specifically targeting the Indian market.  YousifRedha is a leading producer of tobacco products in Abu Dhabi but it has limited participation in the international market. On the other hand, India has been chosen for marketing the product because of its large market size and the increased consumption of tobacco products in the country.