Explanatory Essay


Explanatory Essay: Write a 3 pages essay explaining a cultural concept or phenomenon. Research the concept or phenomenon and report your findings, using proper MLA format.


A cultural phenomenon is a behavior or something that has been observed in human behavior. Also referred to as bandwagon effect, cultural phenomenon describes behavior in which people do things or forms a belief just because others are doing so.  The rule of thumb for describing cultural phenomenon shows that such behaviors spread among a group of people and increase the probability that anyone who is identified with that group will adopt it.  The more people adopt it, the faster it spreads and other hop into the bandwagon. A cultural phenomenon can therefore be described as an aspect of influential culture.  Although there are many culture phenomenon that have been studied over the years, the interest  of this study will be on emerging cultural phenomenon that have been created by  modern technology.  This paper will explain star trek as a cultural phenomenon.