Experimental Marketing


• Critically discuss the role of Experiential Marketing in the Leisure Industry
• Evaluate contemporary marketing theories, and explain the notion of
emerging economies in today’s business context
• Critically evaluate marketing strategy case-studies, and formulate and
communicate entrepreneurial marketing solutions
• Interpret theoretical concepts of Experiential Marketing and effectively create
and formulate a practical response


The Proposal
What is a Consultancy Proposal?
“A proposal is a selling document, a statement of your capabilities to address a given
client requirement” (McCann Deiric, Winning Business Proposals, 1995).
The Proposal structure:
Executive Summary
Proposed solution
Experience and expertise in your team
The Executive summary
The Executive summary is a section providing an overview of the content of the
proposal. It is designed for those readers – namely the executive managers in the
client’s organisation -that do not have time to go through he entire proposal. The
executive summary is written at the end of the proposal process when all main
aspects of the proposal have been finalised.
An outline of the requirements set by the chosen client. This is to demonstrate that
you have fully understood the client’s problem and that you are able to evaluate their
needs. Critically evaluate the recent trends in that area of work, the relationship
between the client’s needs and the available solutions, the opportunities offered by
experiential marketing.
Proposed solution
A detailed outline of the solutions that you have identified. This should demonstrate
that you have researched the problem, analysed the client’s needs and identified a
suitable solution. You should clearly outline your solution, providing details and
This section outlines the benefits of the proposed solution and emphasises the
superiority of this solution to other possible solutions. In this section you should
demonstrate the ability to critically evaluate your choices, support them with a
strong rationale, compare them with other available solutions and with current
trends in the market, demonstrate knowledge of the academic debate on the topic.
Resources Implications
This is an analysis of the resources required to implement the solution. For most
briefs you will be in the position of a consultant advising on strategies and ideas.
You might have to identify production/design/marketing companies to implement
your suggested ideas. A budget with costing is not required.
Experience and expertise in your team
This section contains staff profiles and examples of other work you have successfully
carried out for other clients. You can assume that the strategy outlined is the result
of the work of a small team (2/3 people) of consultants led by you as senior
consultant. Outline your team expertise (feel free to invent names and profiles of
your colleagues). By doing so you should demonstrate understanding of the skills
and background required for such a team to be credible. You should also briefly
outline examples of previous successful projects you have been commissioned.
Again feel free to invent such projects/clients, by doing so you should demonstrate
understanding of the market for the solutions you are proposed.
This section contains graphs, additional material, and references when this is useful
and appropriate.
BIBLIOGRAPHY – You must include a bibliography. You should support
your choices with evidence of research/reading on the appropriate
technologies and the available e-solutions.


Cadbury is one of the most successfully producer and marketer of chocolate in the world. However, the company has been faced with a challenge on venturing into the Indian tourism industry as the level of chocolate consumption in the industry  perform dismal compared to the same sector in other countries. Therefore this consultancy proposal aims at creating a marketing strategy that will help the company market White chocolate which has been marketed in Europe to the Indian tourism sector. Through experimental marketing, the company will promote consumer experience of the product through association with India festivals or other activities like beauty contests which attract a large number of tourists. The company has all the resources which can help it produce and market white chocolate in India. This consultancy has been prepared by John Smith, Susan Twain, and Richard Matt who are marketing professionals with a huge marketing experience.