Exam Question | Accounting Theory and Analysis


School of Accounting
Semester 2

ACCT3004 – Accounting Theory and Analysis
Final Take-Home Assessment
Bentley, Fully Online, Miri Sarawak and Mauritius

Duration: 5pm Thursday 3

rd November 2016 to 5pm Tuesday 8

th November 2016.
(Western Standard Time – Time Zone- Perth Western Australia)
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Total Marks: 50 Marks (contributes to 50% of overall grade)
Format: Three Sections, A, B and C.
No of

Part A 10 Marks No
Part B 35 Marks Yes
Part C 5 Marks No
50 Marks

1) This assessment is based on the Annual Report of Tabcorp Ltd. You are required
to review and research the latest annual report of this company as well as other
material in relation to Tabcorp Ltd. A copy of the latest Annual Report for
Tabcorp Ltd has been provided to you on Blackboard under the
Assessments/Final Assessments tab.
2) The assessment has commenced, do not discuss with anyone, this is an
individual take-home assessment and exam conditions apply.
3) Do not email or call your tutor or lecturer or anyone else as questions about
course content will not be answered after the assessment has commenced.
4) The information sheet instructions provided to students also forms part of this
5) Students will NOT be able to view an Originality report.
6) Students will only have ONE chance to submit (don’t leave it to the last
7) University policy on Academic Misconduct and Plagiarism will be applied.


Reference to your request dated 1/11/2016 regarding Tabcorp Company, I would like to provide you with an overview of what Tabcorp does and the business activities they operate. Tabcorp is an Australian based company and one of the largest gambling companies across the globe. Tabcorp is listed on the ASX and is ranked in the top 100 ASX companies. Tabcorp’s major brands include; Tabcorp gaming solutions, Sky Sports Radio, TAB, Sky Racing, Keno and Luxbet which are market leading brands in Gambling. Tabcorp engages in multiple partnerships with the racing industry, community groups, and customers that saw many contributions to its consistent profitability rise of 1.8% to $786.9million reported in the 2016 financial year. Tabcorp continues to engage with great partners and adopts advanced gambling practices both on retail and digital platforms which promise great success in the long-run.