Event Summary


– how will you attract teenagers to the event ? – i.e. what is in it for them as they simply will not just show up at 8am on a Saturday morning, you really need to expand on this to prove the event is feasible and will attract your target market. May be worth considering making this an afternoon and evening event with a band at the end of the night (e.g. 3pm-10pm) as most teens do not surface until midday on weekends!
– also expand on how you would get them involved – e.g. food workshops, social media comps e.g. on creating and decorating healthy cupcakes ??? playstation dance comps, etc.
– can you confirm that the venue can host all of the entertainment/activities, workshops and the 200 teens? it looked very small online. I would encourage expanding the event by hosting it at Davies Park – just a bit further along from the current venue – this will enable you to open the event up to attract more teens and make it more of an event, sponsors will not get involved if the event is too small or unlikely to attract media attention (ROI!)


Green for Health is an organization based in Brisbane. The company mainly deals with health matters, mostly targeting young children and teens on the important of eating a balanced diet. The organization carries out different activities aimed at encouraging eating of greens as a way of fighting obesity and other nutrition related conditions. This event, organized by Green for Health aims at encouraging positive eating habits and engaging in exercises to fight obesity. The purpose of this plan is to describe the event, how it will be operated, the expected impacts, and how it will evaluated.