(to be conducted independently)

500-word report to be uploaded to Moodle by Friday 23rd September, 5pm
For this activity you must submit a 500-word written report based on research you have conducted:
a) into a specific sector of the media, PR or advertising industries; and b) into a specific organisation
within this specific sector. Provide an overview of the current employment prospects and recruitment
challenges within this industry and organisation, as well as at least three of your own, original ideas
about how you might overcome any hurdles in this respect. The point here is not simply to detail a
company’s history, but to show that you are thinking strategically and creatively about the challenges
facing people hoping to work for this company, and how you might overcome these challenges to
gain work in your chosen field after you graduate.
Moodle upload: Upload your report for Tutorial Activity B to Moodle by Friday 23rd September,
5pm at the latest. Please note that your uploading of this report will count as your official attendance
for one tutorial week of the course. There are three reports due in on 23rd September. Hence, we
strongly suggest you pace yourselves and write one per week rather than leaving all three to the last


I am targeting the media/ PR/ advertising industry with a specific focus on the job of an event planner.  The IRP I have opted to submit for this industry and the targeted job is a campaign strategy for an event. A campaign strategy in event planning is a document detailing the event and how event planning will approach the market (Ramsborg, Miller, Breiter, Reed,& Rushing, 2008).   I have chosen this IRP because it explains the basic engagement of an event planner in their day to day activity. An event planner is mainly tasked with taking a critical look at the market and aligning events with the market.  The campaign strategy details how an event planner will plan and promote the event, setting out the objectives of the event, the audience, and the marketing strategy that will be used (Ramsborg et al., 2008). It shows a clear understanding of the job and the market, including the ability of the event planner to work with others in making the event a success. It does not only show the academic skills of the event planner but his or her conceptualization of the market as a whole where the event planner has to liaise with others, and most important the media, to make the event a success.  Therefore, an event campaign strategy is the single most important document that can show how a competent an event planner is.