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Assessment Task Three – Critical Reflection, Cover Letter, CV
& Portfolio
45% | Due: Sunday 30 th October 2016, 8pm (online soft-copy submission)
– Please drop your hard-copy submission in Room 311D – Level 3,
Webster, by Monday 31 st October 5PM at the latest
Note on submission: Please upload a total of only TWO PDFs for this assignment. The first
PDF should contain components one, two and three of your assessment task (i.e. your
Critical Reflection, your Cover Letter, and your CV). The second PDF should contain
component four (i.e. your Portfolio).
This assessment task is made up of four components. As detailed below, each component will be
graded according to its own criteria, and it will contribute a different portion of points to your final
grade for this assessment task. Please note that all components of this assessment task must
target the same industry and job. When approaching this task, you need to follow the same
process as Assessment Task Two in that you must: a) decide on a target industry sector and role
you are aiming at; b) research what your target/potential employers would want to see in the
Portfolio of a prospective employee/job applicant/intern; and c) complete your Portfolio accordingly.
How to prepare: 1) Choose a target industry sector. 2) Choose a target position (including the
actual job title). This target position might be an internship, a cadetship, a traineeship, an entry-level
position, or a mid-level position if you already have experience. Try to be realistic and aim for a job
that you might have a chance of getting. 3) Research what you would be expected to bring in your
Portfolio to a job interview if you were applying for this position. Research methods will vary but
might include looking at job ads, contacting the Human Resources department of one of your target
organisations, talking to people who work in one of your target organisations, and so on. Make sure
you go beyond generic descriptors of attributes such as “creative”, “motivated” etc., and establish the
tangible material you would be expected to have in your Portfolio. 4). Put together your Portfolio
based on this research.
Submission: Upload all four components of this assignment to the course Moodle site as directed.
Please upload a total of only TWO PDFs for this assignment. The first PDF should contain
components one, two and three of your assessment task (i.e. your Critical Reflection, your
Cover Letter, and your CV). The second PDF should contain component four (i.e. your
Portfolio). Supporting documents for Component Two and Component Three, and relevant work
submitted as part of Component Four will need to be scanned and uploaded as part of your
submission. Please include a word count at the top of all components of this assessment task.
You will be penalised if you submit 10% over or under the specified limits. Do not forget to
also submit your hard copy in Valentina’s office | Room 311D, Level 3, Webster Building.
Presentation (in terms of font, margins, layout etc.) will vary between the individual components
required for this assignment but think carefully about your decisions as you will be marked according
to the professionalism, appropriateness, and impact of your work. Please do not submit original
documents or documents that need to be returned. Please note that your hard copy and electronic
submissions for Assessment Task Three need to be the same.

Component One: Critical Reflection (1000 words)
Weighting: 10% (of the 45% total weighting for Assessment Task Three)
Nominate the industry sector you wish to work for after graduating from your degree. Name your
preferred position (be specific – we are looking for actual job titles here). Provide a summary of the

research you conducted in step 3, including supporting evidence such as the details of the people
you spoke to in order to obtain your information, etc. Argue why and how you and the skills and
attributes you have learned during your degree are suited for and valuable to get this position.
Present a strong rationale as to why the material contained in your Portfolio suits your target
organisation. The supporting evidence in this case could be information you gained from your cold
calling, material from target organisations’ websites, a specific job advertisement, and so on.
Discuss the area or areas of professional weakness you identified in the early weeks of this course,
and how you went about addressing them. Include, also, a discussion of organisations you “cold
called” and “door knocked” as well as your networking experiences (as per the independent activities
in Weeks 6, 7, 8 and 9). Include a discussion of the ethical issues relevant to your chosen industry
sector/organisation, and how you would navigate these issues if you worked in this field. Describe
any particular challenges or threats or opportunities facing your target industry sector/organisation at
the moment, and how you would navigate these.


The name of the campaign is Social Innovation to Tackle Underage Drinking in Australia. The main social change intended in this campaign is creating awareness about the social and health impact of underage drinking in order to help teenagers change their drinking behavior. The overall aim of this campaign is therefore to reduce the number of teenagers engaging in underage drinking.  A lot has been achieved through in the exposure and engagement as the target number of people who have been reached by this campaign and the message has been passed across.