A major problem with many evaluation systems:
"They require supervisors to make person evaluation rather than performance evaluation".
Discuss and Explain with minimum of 3 references other than text book.
Text book is Human resource management 12 E Ivancevich ,John.


Evaluation is one of the most important engagements of human resource department in an organization. Through evaluation, important information about employee productivity and henceforth organization performance is generated. However, evaluation systems are faced by many challenges.  One of the challenges facing evaluation systems is that they require supervisors to make person evaluation rather than performance evaluation. When designing and evaluation system, it is imperative that it includes different elements that will evaluate employee performance.  These elements must be measured using the appropriate parameters, failure to which the evaluation system will be rendered redundant. The focus of an evaluation system should be to evaluate employee performance and benchmark it against the laid down parameters. According to Grubb (2007) a good evaluation system should not evaluate the person but rather the performance. However, Gubb (2007) acknowledge that one of the shortcomings of evaluation systems is that they make little provisions for performance evaluation and concentrate on evaluation of the person.  They are broadly focused and in the process, they lose focus from evaluating individual performance concentrating on individual characteristics instead.