Evaluation of Apple Inc. with perspective of business ethics/CSR/Sustanability (Ref: Magud)


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The main aim of this report is to explain the extent to which Apple Inc meets is ethical, social responsibility and sustainability goals.  The report aims at evaluating different strategies that have been undertaken by the company in its pursuit for excellence in these areas and will use cases from the company within the identified theoretical perspectives.

Apple Inc is an American multinational that is involved in the designing, developing and making of consumer electronics line phones, computer software, personal computer and other online services like selling music online. The company is headquartered in Cupertino, California and it has one of the remarkable turnaround histories in the corporate world (Apple Inc).  Apple is by far the largest phone companies in the world with a host of electronics product that are carefully embedded in its consumer ecosystem.   The company is well known for its Mac computers, iPod media player, iPhone smarthpone, iPad tablet, and most recently Apple smartwatch.  In addition, it is also known for the online services that include iCloud, iTunes, App Store, and others.  The software line of products mainly include OS X, iOS operating system, iTunes media browser, Safari web browser, and a host of other products (Apple Inc).