Your chosen business-related ethical issue (30/35) – You have articulated your ethical issue well. But this assignment requires you to assume a leadership role, then through that role you were to formulate a code of conduct that would address the ethical dilemma you have chosen. Your business code of ethics (10/40) – You have briefly demonstrated an understanding of a general business code of ethics, but did not create your own. Please revise codes of ethics of other companies for more ideas and points. The applicability of your business code of ethics to our chosen business-related ethical issue (10/45) – Paper does not reflect an understanding of how you applied your business code of ethics to your chosen scenario. Mechanics (20/20) – Your paper is expressive and detailed. Minor grammar and spelling mistakes found. Document Organization (10/10) – APA format was utilized throughout your paper, please add a running head to your title page.

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