Design an ethics program for either a real life (but anonymous) or imaginary organization.

i) Using the skills acquired throughout this course, explain why implementing a company-wide ethics program is worthwhile for that organization.

ii) Examine the benefits of such a program in terms of employee morale, company reputation, productivity, quality control, loyalty, and so on.

b) Design a monitoring system that can measure the progress of the ethics program, spot weaknesses, and correct errors.

c) Make sure that employees in the organization are able to participate in the design and monitoring of the ethics program.

d) Address any cultural sensitivities in your monitoring program.

e) The length of this assignment should be approximately 2,200+ words. Although they are not required, include tables, sketches and flow charts as appropriate to supplement your discussion,.


When designing an ethics program which is compliant, the most vital goal of this program is to assist authorities who govern, employees, agents and managers in working together in the pursuing of the organization purpose. This will go a long way in helping the organization in the achievement of the specific objectives and goals that it has laid out. Consistency in the standards of conducting business ethically will also be observed by the company in its paths of achieving the visions, objectives and goals that it has targeted, within a specific period of time (Kenneth, 2005).