Ethic assignment


1. Governance structure of FIFA
2. Governance structure of other charity organization
3. Comparing the difference between FIFA and others
4. Introduce key CSR/ethic theory to explain the need of good governance
5. Using above theory to discuss the problems of FIFA (Interest conflict in FIFA, please use example to support your statements)
6. Finding the reason cause the problem (poor governance structure lead to poor transparency and accountability)
7. Discussing 6 in detail (combined with cases)
8. Possible way to improve (if u think its necessary you can add.Depends on you)

***You can also discuss 5 and 6 firstly, and then discuss 1, 2, 3


      combining 1,2,3 with 7 discuss together


In FIFA the executive committee acts as both the board of governors and as the top management of the organization. this makes it hard to supervise the daily activities and operations of the institution as it is supposed to be done by the board of directors. In other words the executive committee cannot supervise itself and, as such, governance issues are not maintained.