Essay 2


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According to the article by Rifa’s Rafi’ al-Tahtawi, the element of nationalism can be detected among the French as they are all considered as equal by the law regardless of their social statuses. This shows that the rights of the people in the country are secured by the parliament. By establishing justice and equality through judgments as well as laws, it means that the ruler has no capacity of wronging anybody as the law is considered as the reference and the guide. This is an aspect that the French can identify themselves with as something that is common to all of them as a nation. The aspect of nationalism as indicated in the article can be seen in the Egyptians’ attachment to their homeland. In this case, a homeland was considered as the nest of man and in Egypt it was considered as an honorable place. Even today, Egypt is considered as a honorable homeland and is described by all people in terms of enthusiasm, leadership, prudence, and courage. As a result of this, it has the right to be respected by all nations, kings, states, and faiths. It was the responsibilities of the patriots who were faithful in their love of the homeland to redeem their country with all their means and use their properties to serve this nation. This is a show of patriotism and nationalism.