EPV Communication Plan Critical Analysis


Assessment 4: Critical Analysis

The aim of this assignment is to conduct a critical analysis of the communication plan produced

by another group. Communication plans will be presented by each group in Week 11 tutorials,

and made available so that individual students to choose a plan for critique.

Critiques may include, as appropriate:

• strengths and weaknesses of the plan

• missed opportunities

• possible improvements

• theoretical implications

Assessment criteria are:

(1) depth of analysis (more than a summary);

(2) demonstrated ability to link theory to practice (minimum of 5 relevant academic references);

(3) demonstrated ability to link the critique to industry practices on a wider scope;

(4) writing style, style and grammar and referencing.


EPV Communication Plan Critical Analysis

EPV Communication Plan Critical Analysis


The essay is a communication plan of Eau Paix Vie (EPV) an Australian company that deals with production and sales of swimwear. The plan is aimed at improving the image of the company and portrays it as one that employs honest means to communicate to their customers. The plan has laid different strategies and tactics to achieve its objective. After the implementation of the plan, the company aims to increase consumer opinion that the firm is the most honest company by 30% and increase the sales in other countries by 20%.