about computers or movies -WHO INVENTED COMPUTERS?


Essay 5, Speculating ab6ut Causes: Five Things You Need To Know

1) Argue for what were the beginnings of phenomena trend. Prove, with evidence, that everything you say is true is really true. If you used direct quote, have a transition to it. Don’t just splice it in, the prose equivalent of a jump cut in a movie. The transitions into the direct quotes will be among the elements I point out when I present this handout on

2) A trend is a statistical upturn or downturn in some form of human behavior, over a relatively short term. On scripted television, for example, there is a rise of detectives and crime fighters with psychic or magic powers, although the western, which pretty much owned American TV in the I 950s, has vanished. The textbook defines a phenomenon as “something notable about the human condition or social order.” The long-running theatrical success Blue Man Group. for example, obviously is part of the tradition of clowning, which goes back centuries. But how did clowning originate?
3) Furthermore, as the textbook says,~ . . Argue that one cause (or more) is the best possible explanation. You do not prove that your explanation in right you must attempt to convince readers that it is plausible by supporting your examples. facts, statistics, and anecdotes.” You have don’t have to convince readers you’re right. You have to convince them that you’re reasonable. Disch, one of the authors I cited above, disagreed with Aldiss about science fiction starting with Frankenstein. Disch argues the genre’s origins lie in a group of little know, rarely printed stories by Poe. Disch and Aldiss both make good, strong arguments.
4) I don’t see how an event would qualify as a topic for this assignment, not 9/11. not the
2008 Election (a two year event with a 24-hour ending), not the Wall Street meltdown of
9/15/08. and so on. Maybe I’m saying this because there are no question marks over the causes of this event, as far as I can see. (The polls in the ‘08 race turned sharply after 9’l 5.) If we know the causes of a thing with absolute certainty, there’s no possibility of speculating about it.
5) If this writing task seems overwhelming, please look at the example above and it’s smaller components. The above is 864 words, five paragraphs, and six sources. You assemble all those bits one at a time; you don’t try and toss them onto the page all at once. I discuss two specific works of literary science fiction, and a general category of science fiction stories. I wrote the best I could with the time I had with all the resources at my disposal, and so can you, always.


The computer is a machine and a phenomenon itself. Since the mid 20th century, computers have swept everything aside to reclaim the center of our life. In deed we can say that the world has become computerized. It might be difficult to explain the impact of computers in the world but it is clear that it is a phenomenon in the way it has transformed our lives. (Somasekher, 2008) From our homes to our work and social places, every move we make we have to use a computer. However, the main issue is who really invented the computer? In this paper we are going to revisit this thorny issue again to find some ground. It will become clear that those who are thought to have invented the machine may actually not be the one.