Environmental Analysis of Argentina and Brazil


Environmental Analysis of Argentina and Brazil

  • Introduction

Uniqlo Co., Ltd is one of the leading Japanese designer, manufacturer, and retailer of casual wear. The company specialize in men, women and children casual wear. Although the company started in 1949, the first Uniqlo store was opened in Tokyo in 1998 and an ambitious internationalisation started in 2005. By 2017, the more than 1920 stores were operational worldwide (Uniqlo). This report assesses the viability of opening new stores in Brazil or Argentina. This report will assess the social-economic, political-legal, and the general business environment in the two countries and make recommendation on the best country to operate in.



BSD119 Global Business: Assessment Item Two Task Guidelines


The company, UNIQLO, is considering which of Argentina and Brazil would be a suitable
country in which to set up a store.
 Examine the relevant environments of the two countries.
 Analyse the results of your investigation of the environments, and assess the
suitability of either country as a suitable market .

Length 1500 words ±10%
Weighting: 30%

Due date:

SUNDAY 2 SEPTEMBER 2018 -11:59pm through Turnitin.
Note: Make sure you upload well before this time in case you have technical difficulties as
there will be no help available on Sunday evening.
Remember QUT’s Late Assessment policy: a late assignment WILL NOT BE MARKED and will
receive 0%, unless you have received an approved extension. If you have applied for an
extension but have not received a decision, upload the work you have done to that point,
before the deadline.

CRA Sheet:

 Available on Blackboard – please read all criteria thoroughly!
 Note the importance on academic communication conventions
o accurate QUT APA citing and referencing
o accurate language use
o Week 9 in class LLA workshop on structure and language for the report


Your task should include:
 A cover page (see Blackboard)
 A table of contents
 Introduction (including Company information) (~100 words)
 Environments – with headings and sub-headings (~900 words)
 Analysis – with headings (~450 words)
 Recommendation (~50 words)
 References (8+ for introduction and data, 5+ for support for analytical points)

Task Details:
Overall task


Assume that you are an international business consultant to UNIQLO, a brand of casualwear
owned by Fast Retailing Co. Lit, a Japanese apparel company.
You will analyse the market potential for selling UNIQLO’s products in Argentina and Brazil.
Your task is to write a report that examines and compares the socio-economic, political and
business environments of Argentina and Brazil.
Your report will conclude with a country recommendation and justification for your selection.

Your introduction needs to state clearly the purpose of the report.
It also needs to provide a brief company and product profile. (See information provided about
this for Assessment Item One.)

Task Details: Examination of the environments: focus here is on collection and presentation of the data

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BSD119 Global Business: Assessment Item Two
Task Guidelines


Examination of

 Use HEADINGS for each environment (socio-economic, political-legal and business
 Use SUB-HEADINGS for different aspects of the environment being analysed
 you need to include key economic variables here that will indicate the economic
performance and stability of the economies of the two countries as well as variables
that will indicate market potential.
 you need to include key variables that will indicate how well the countries are
governed as well as any factors indicating political risk
 here you need to consider more practical aspects of doing business in the countries, in
the context of any regulatory constraints, standards of infrastructure, any cultural or
ethical aspects that could have an effect on UNIQLO’s business and any other factors
you have identified
This part needs to include a number of tables or graphs to present data (4-5 would be
 i.e. you don’t need a graph or table for every sub-heading or every variable
 you need to make a decision about which data would be best represented by a figure
This part will NOT include any discussion of the data; that is for the analysis. Here you are
simply presenting the data.

Further support
for the
examination of

 country analysis – Lecture 6
 economic and political & legal environments – Lectures 2 and 4
 (cultural and ethical environments – Lectures 3 and 5 – if relevant)
 Tutorial Two (Week Three): work on the economic variables for Assessment Item One.
 Tutorial Six (Week Seven): work on sites crucial for your research of the data.
 requirements for presentation of data in the workshops in Weeks 6 & 7.
 LLA workshop on structure and language for the report in Week 9.

Task Details:
Analysis of the

Analysis: focus here is on analysing the data already reported on, in terms of suitability of
one country or the other
 draw conclusions from the environmental data about the advantages and
disadvantages of each country, providing explanations of and support for your
 then provide an overall conclusion on which country would be most suitable for
 make a recommendation accordingly to UNIQLO.

Further support
for the
assessment and

Text book:
Read the relevant sections of Chapter 9 on Country Analysis.
 in class LLA workshop on structure and language for the report in Week 8.
 notes to support the Analysis and Recommendation on Blackboard.
 extra consultation sessions available in Weeks 8 and 9, by appointment.