English/Chinese Communication


Tasks:  (1) Writing a short article about yourself, and (2) writing an application letter to a potential employer (40%)



  1. Write a short article in English explaining how and why you have come to pursue your current studies at Griffith University and how this particular course (3014LHS) is relevant and/or helpful to the achievement of your goals. Please cite examples from your life experience and from the course content to make your point, avoiding unsubstantiated assertions. Through reading your article, I hope to learn more of your individual life story leading up to your current choice of study. Length of article: approximately 500 words (20%)


  1. Find an English-language job advertisement that contains selection criteria, from newspapers/Internet or other sources published since February 2017

Then write an application letter in English, explaining why you have chosen this job to apply for and what you can contribute to the job. Your letter must address at least 3 of the selection criteria listed in the advertisement. You should be able to demonstrate why you are the most suitable candidate for the job you are applying for. The length of the letter, including statements addressing the selection criteria, should be at least 500 words. (20%)


English/Chinese Communication

English/Chinese Communication


My name is (name).  I come from China, which is within the Asian Pacific region.  Coming to Griffith University is one of the best things that have happened in my life. Before coming to Australia, I was always longing for the time I would have a chance to pursue studies in one of the leading universities in the world, where I would be assured of high quality education. When chances come my way to join Griffith University, I did not think twice but I jumped to the chance.