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49002 Managing Projects

Assignment 1 – Research on Project Management

Conduct research that investigates and discusses how the principles, theory, processes
and tools of one of the ten knowledge areas in PMBOK can be used in current project
management practices. This is an individual assignment for both Standard and
Distance Mode students.
You are expected to undertake a rigorous literature search of discovery on your
chosen topic, which includes a minimum of five (5) recent and relevant academic
refereed publications (which is a mandatory component of the report).
Mere documentation of what you find on “the web” will attract VERY LOW marks.
The report should also contain at least one practical case study, preferably
referenced, in your area of engineering expertise, for example one of the following
areas: electrical, mechanical, civil, environmental, or software engineering.
Project-based initiatives have been increasingly used as a very good way to deal with
rapid rates of change, with a large effort to disseminate project management as a
standard way to deliver increasingly sophisticated products. However, the strong
emphasis on time, cost and quality may not necessarily ensure that an optimal
outcome will be achieved.
You will chose one of the ten PMBOK knowledge areas.
Assume you are creating this presentation for an undergraduate engineering class as
an introduction to one of PMBOK knowledge areas that they need to know.
Produce a power-point (or similar) presentation suitable for a 20-minute talk to
“educate” people unfamiliar with one of the chosen topics above. (Note: you will
NOT be required to give this presentation).
The presentation should be limited to a maximum of 10 power-point slides including
title and reference list slides. Each slide should contain no more than 5 bullet points.
You may use diagrams if these get your message across more clearly. Produce
“speaker notes” to accompany your slides. These speaker notes should be in the notes
section of your charts (use the PowerPoint notes view to see this). The speaker notes
should be your own work, and not “cut and paste” from other sources.

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By the due date, you will upload the soft copy of your presentation with speaker
notes, fully referenced, in PDF format via Turnitin on UTSOnline.
Important Notes:
You are expected to follow the University policy and guidelines regarding plagiarism.
The presentation deliverable is worth 20% of the overall subject mark.
Your deliverable needs to be in PDF format – with both slides and notes visible. If
you submit in powerpoint, there is a high chance that slides / diagrams or notes will
not be visible to the marker and you will lose valuable marks.
The assessment assesses learning objectives 2 and 5(see Subject Outline, page 2).
Due Date
The report is due by 5pm, Tuesday (week 6).
Late submissions of assignment will incur a penalty of 10% of the maximum mark per
day, regardless of the mark awarded. An extension in the time of submission will only
be granted under exceptional circumstances by the subject coordinator. In all cases,
supporting evidence must be provided for the request to be considered. The subject
coordinator reserves the right to apply a penalty to or reject late submissions.
49002 Managing Projects Subject Outline, Autumn 2017.
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