Employment Relations


HRMT20027 – Assessment Item 1 – Assignment marking criteria

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The essay will be assessed on the extent to which it meets each of the following criteria;

Content: Does your essay demonstrate Marks
Depth of knowledge and critical analysisof the topic / 10
Appropriateness of responses to the topic question / 2
Relevant and accurate literature; AT LEAST 5 academic sources such as textbooks and peer-reviewed journals. Please note websites will NOT be considered to meet this criterion. / 3
Presentation: Does your essay demonstrate
Essay has clear introduction, body & conclusion. Clarity of expression/grammar and spelling / 2

ReferencingstyleconfirmswithHarvard author-datesystemasperFaculty ‘GuideforStudents’

/ 2
Appropriate word length relevant to topic. / 1
Late Penalty
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Final mark





/ 20



Employment Relations

Employment Relations


1.Define enterprise bargaining.

2.Explain the development of enterprise bargaining.

3.Define good faith bargaining and explain its limitations.

4.Explain the relationship between enterprise bargaining and industrial action.

5.Identify forms of industrial action.

6.Identify different mechanisms for conflict resolution.

7.Discuss whether workplace conflict is disappearing.