1001EHR Employment Relations
Semester 2, 2016
Individual essay

Due date: Monday 5/9/16 by 9pm
Submission: Submission will be electronic ONLY through
TURNITIN. No hard copies are required.
Instructions for electronic submission will be
provided on the portal.
Length: 1500 words (+- 10%)
Weighting: 30% for essay

Students may be asked to show drafts and
research for their essay to ensure tutors can see it
is the students’ own work.

Context: The past two decades have seen a
transformation, in most countries, from a
traditional Industrial Relations system to a
contemporary Employment Relations one.


Question: With reference to one(clinet select Australia)
or two countries of your choice, discuss
whether this statement is correct. Then
argue whether the changes of the past 20
years have resulted in one of the actors in
the employment relationship becoming more
powerful than the others.

When discussing the ER actors (employers,
workers, trade unions, employer associations,
the state) you may like to touch on issues
including wage levels, work hours, job security
and job autonomy. You must also include a
theoretical framework, unitarism, pluralism,
radicalism or corporatism.


Format: Academic essay. Introduction, well-structured
argument and conclusion and Reference List (NOT
Bibliography) as learnt in the subject 1201QBT
Academic and Professional Skills at QIBT. Avoid
use of sub-titles. Do not use tables, figures or
diagrams as this is NOT a report. Citation and
referencing in the APA style as taught in Academic
and Professional Skills. APA Guide is available
through QIBT website and on the ER course web

Sources: Minimum of 8 (journal articles/academic books)
For this assignment you MUST select, read and
reference AT LEAST seven (7) sources. The
textbook DOES NOT COUNT as one of these
sources. Use databases, in particular Library
Search or Proquest, to find sources.

To achieve a mark of distinction or higher, you
need to use and cite academic journal articles.
You may use the textbook as a source, but this
must be in addition to the minimum of seven
academic sources, as textbooks are not
considered a quality academic source for essays
and you are advised to use them sparingly.
Web sites and newspaper articles do not count as
academic sources. In particular do not use sites
such as Wikipedia. Do not reference lectures or
use lecture materials in your essay.

Seeking Assistance
If you are having difficulties writing or researching the essay,
please seek assistance if you need it on improving your essay
writing skills. The 1001EHR Employment Relations teaching team
will provide some further assistance in tutorials and workshops in
coming weeks. You may also seek assistance from Griffith
College’s Academic Advisors and/or your lecturer and tutor during
their consultation times.
Criteria sheet
Criteria sheet will be provided through TURNITIN.





For a couple of decades, industrial relations and labour markets have dramatically changed. In a number of countries, the traditional systems of industrial relations are increasingly being challenged by trends of individualism, managerial prerogative, reduced power of trade unions, increased privatisation of businesses, deinstitutionalisation and decentralisation. There is no longer that trend of industrial or national-wide negotiated collective bargaining agreement; it is now more of individual focused agreements. This trend is evident in a number of countries such as Australia, United Kingdom and USA, where the era of trade union power is waning. It is therefore argued in this essay that the past two decades have seen a transformation, in most countries, from a traditional industrial Relations system to a contemporary Employment Relations one.