EmiratesNBD customer satisfaction


i have to write my research project about the customer stasfacton. In face one i have to wrie the following :

1- Introdaction (In this part i have to write about the bank in geneal and the banks sector in general in UAE)

2-Identification of the problem (the background what do you want to do and why it’s important to know the customer setisfy %, so we have to come down and drage the problem and mantion that over 14 banks in United arab emirates we are number 13 in the customer stsfaction.
as the end of the pragraph in this point you have to mantion in one sentance what you want to do in this research only one sentance after discssing all this.

3. devidethe problem to objejectives
in this point we have to check the satisfy for all the bank departments such as parking, que machine, sales staff,crm, quality, accepability, and so one

4- research methood ( it should be quantitve methood and we hve to check the advantages of this methood and say whay we chose this mthood

5- you will tell us how your going to collect the data

6-sample size (200 customers) and we are going to disturb them on the customers


EmiratesNBD customer satisfaction

EmiratesNBD customer satisfaction


Banking sector in Middle East has gained momentum after the increased need of people to save their money and get loans. Getting loans from the bank is one of the factors that promote economic growth in an area since investors are able to invest as they have capital (Al-Hassan et al., 2010). The banking sector in the United Arabs Emirates (UAE) has been of great importance to the area’s positive economic growth, the aggressive growth in infrastructure, contributor to the booming real estate sector, and the benefits originating from the rise in oil prices (Terterov, 2006). This implies that the banking sector in the United Arabs Emirates has contributed to the development of the area in diverse ways. This because individuals and businesses are able to save their money and get loans from the bank to start up new businesses. The banking sector in this area has been able to grow at a high rate because of increased demands from customers.