Eight Sign Miricales


Write a paper briefly describing each of the eight sign miracles Jesus performed and explaining how each reveals His deity. Make sure your paper contains at least 3 full pages and is double-spaced. In your paper, you must reference the Bible, the Morris and Towns textbooks, and at least two outside sources. Follow Turabian style and include a title page and bibliography


Eight Sign Miricales

Eight Sign Miricales


During his life on earth, Jesus performed many miracles that showed different aspects of His deity. The miracles would attract people to Him and reveal God in a time of great turmoil and suffering of the Jewish and Samaritan people who were under oppression by the Roman Empire. Jesus performed miracles as signs to prove His place as the Son of God since without them, it would be extremely hard for people to believe in His strength.[1] Each of the eight sign miracles portrays the deity of Jesus.

Jesus’ first miracle is recorded in John 2:1-11 where he turns water into wine. The miracle happens in Cana of Galilee at a wedding celebration. Jesus and His disciples have been invited and, therefore, they are present at the wedding when the wine ran out. Mary, Jesus’ mother goes to Him and informs Him of the shortage in the anticipation and belief that He could do something about it. In his response, Jesus asks her what he has to do with it, noting that His time has not come . However, he asks some servants to fill big containers with pure water drawing out a little and then take the water to the chief waiter. As soon as the waiter tasted the substance, he exclaimed it was great wine to serve. Thus, Jesus performs this miracle so that people might believe in him as the Son of God and might receive eternal life through Him.[2] This miracle displays the deity of Jesus as having power over creation and having the ability to change one substance into another, which only God is capable of doing.

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