Effects of utilizing realistic job reviews on employee selection, performance, and retention


Prepare a course paper, approximately 8 pages in length (excluding appendices) , on a topic related to the theme of Strategic staffing. It should include the following:
Title page
Identify the problem
Connect problem to specific topical area of work in strategic staffing
Causes of the problems
Solution: suggest consequences to the organization in the next year or more


In the developed world, businesses are having hard times in recruiting and retaining talented employees as the intensifying war for talent. This has lead to searching of talents to be going global with multinational and local companies trying as much as possible to search for talented employees overseas. Talent retention especially in top position has been a problem that most organizations that want to prosper in the global competition in the business world have to compete with. Employees are increasingly moving to other companies where their desires and wishes are met. Realistic job previews (RJPs) are devices that are used during the early stages of employee selection aimed at providing the applicants with information on both negative and positive aspects of the job. The psychological contract between employee and employer is very concerned with this concept. Employees who are hired or recruited through the use of realistic job previews enter the job with their eyes wide open and aware with what they will be provided with by the organization in terms of hours, pay, culture, and schedule flexibility among others. They are also aware of what they are expected to do by the organization in terms of customer interactions, high urgency, degree of physical risk, and stress. However there are effects of utilizing these previews on employment selection, performance and retention.