Effects of Social Media on News and Information


Topic # 11 Q – Is Social Media an Evolution of Marketing or an Evolution of Public
Relations? How Has Social Media Changed PR?
Perspectives on Social Media Marketing
by  B. Bonin Bough and Stephanie Agresta
Cengage Learning © 2011 Citation

This reminds me of another discussion I frequently have with colleagues in
the agency world. Often, people will raise the question, “Who owns social
media?” Marketing and advertising professionals will claim they do, while
those on the PR side of things say otherwise. In my opinion, social media
doesn’t slant toward any one particular discipline; it’s a tool that can be used
by all. Indeed, if anything, social media exists more as an evolution of how
consumers use the Internet. It came as a result of advances in technology
rather than developments in PR or marketing.


Technological advancement has affected almost every industry. Journalism has been affected in different ways, and there is a need for people in the industry to change with advancement in technology to stay relevant and to fulfill the needs of the clients (Knight, & Cook, 2013). Although technology has brought about various channels that have affected how information is found and distributed to different parts and different people. The introduction of the social media has disorganized the initial path that was used to find and send information and news; this has brought a different definition to the term news and information(Olawuyi, &Mgbole, 2012).