Effects of Isolation on Brain Development


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In human development, the human brain is the most crucial part of the body as in its absence one can not be able to function. In this case, once the human brain is underdeveloped one cannot function even with the help of the modern biological science. Importantly, the level of exposure an individual has determines the level of function of the brain. Certainly, brain development is aided by socialization process and interaction an individual is exposed to right from the time he/she is young. In this case, a baby will be able to learn how to speak and do some other things like stretching the hands and legs when he/she is socialized in the family. On this basis, brain development will not occur in isolation cases where a child is left all alone by him/herself. One may ask whether it is the brain or the mind that is underdeveloped when an individual is isolated from the society through processes like imprisonment. On this basis, this study will look at isolation and how it affects brain development. In order to come up with a viable conclusion, this study will examine brain development in relation to isolation while considering two experiences given in the book of ‘The Wild Boy of Aveyron’ and ‘The Civilization of Genie’ respectively. In this case, this study will be guided by a thesis stated as; isolation leads to underdevelopment of the brain. In this study, the main research question will be whether human beings at certain age are born with birth defects or the underdevelopment of the brains were caused by isolation. It should be noted that, development of the brain occurs gradually within an individual. In this case, there are processes involved in brain development (Johnson et al, 2009).