effects of climate change on biodiversity


this paper can not be more than 400 words. I have uploaded two articles, read them and write critical thinking essay on them, AT THE END (BOTTOM OF THE PAGE AFTER YOU FINISH YOUR ESSAY) COME UP WITH TWO DISCUSSION QUESTIONS for class peers to discuss. CITE both this articles. no other source is needed other than the two i provided. WORD COUNT SHOULD NOT BE MORE THANK 400 WORDS.


The two articles, The Effects of Climate Change on Biodiversity in the United States and Effects of climate change on global diversity: a review of key literature are timely in highlighting the effects of climate change, not only in United States but also across the globe.  The authors of the articles have gone a great length to lay bare visible evidences of climate change. But it is in the way that the authors have broken the scientific knowledge in climate change to a language that is understandable by the lay person and the student that makes the articles great pieces in creating awareness.