Education: Management Of Critical Airway


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Bastable, S. (2003). Nurse as educator: Principles of teaching and learning for nursing practice, (2nd ed.). Sudbury, M.A.: Jones and Bartlett. In chapter one, the  book starts by giving the historical background of nurses being recognized as teachers, which can be seen dating back to mid 18th century by one founder Florence Nightingale. The book further takes about factors to be considered by nurse educators to ensure effective delivery of health education. On this note the book squarely address cultural and technological considerations in nurse education. However, Bastable (2003) further explains various social, economic and political trends that affect healthcare thus impacting further on nurse educations, especially in U.S. In addition, the book explains the core goals and purpose for nurse education alongside the associated benefits it brings to both patients and staffs. In brief, the book gives the education process as logical, sequential, systematic, technology based, well planned and involves two related processes; teaching and learning. Similarly, the book explains various roles of nurse as an educator as well as highlighting on the various factors that impact on the ability to teach and learn. In chapter two, the book presents various legal, ethical and economic foundations of education processes. On this note, the book gives a differentiated perception on morality, law and ethics. Similarly, it presents how various ethics and logicalities evolved in health care. By relating these two areas, the book presents how these ethics and legal principles are applied to patients’ education. Moreover, this book discusses various costs associate with delivery of education, on saving aspects, benefits and recovery aspects as well as their analysis in patients-education. On the other hand, Bastable (2003), discusses how patient-education can be planned and implemented. Finally, in chapter three, the book identifies and discusses various learning theories and shows how these can be applied to health care practices as this is the basis for effective education and understanding between nurse-educators and the clients.