Please use the Summary Essay that I have written as a reference for the first paragraph. ′Research Paper 1AF17.doc′ is the outline provided by my teacher. Include counter arguements by John Locke and Rousseau (provided in ′Source 1′) Make the argument that we are born with a natural intelligence and that intelligence is refined over time (this is in opposition to John Lockes idea that we are born knowing nothing and the banking concept of educations idea that we are born knowing nothing)


Source 1 Summary essay Research Paper 1AF17

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In “Pedagogy of the Oppressed,” Paulo Freire makes the argument that education will repeatedly follow a cycle if the roles of teacher and student remain as a rigid hierarchy. The text is a combination of educational theory, political and philosophical and help in outlining the oppression theory and the origin of liberation. As Freire argues the key to liberation is developing critical awareness well as an individual thinking initiative. Thus, the occurrence of this matter via education type passed from a teacher to a student, henceforth forming a partnership that mostly enables the scholar to be involved in a dialogue that may in the long run leads to humanization increasing a thought of correlative action. Critical understanding of reality as Paulo argues is the only way that the beleaguered can use to get out of their oppressiveness through an action called liberty. Pedagogy of the Oppressed” was Freire’s attempt at making a positive change to the education system