Economic Assignment | Research on the Effect of Executive Stock Option Incentive on Corporate Performance


Task Description:
Students are required to develop a research proposal worth 3,000 words excluding tables, figures and
references. Students are strongly encouraged to consult with the course coordinator before embarking
on the research proposal.
The aim of the research proposal is to persuade readers that you have: a valuable research project; a
good understanding of the relevant literature and the major issues; a sound methodology; and the skills
and the work-plan to complete the proposed research project. A research proposal should include all the
major elements entailed in the research process and contain adequate information for readers to assess
the proposed study.

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Research Proposal: Title in full

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proposal is submitted, e.g. Master of Health Economics (Adv)).

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200-word Abstract on a separate page (specify your word count in bracket at the bottom of
the abstract).
·        Background/Introduction
·        Literature review
·        Research question and objectives
·        Methodology
·          Timescale *
·        Resources
·        References
·        Appendices if any.
*May be placed after references but before the appendices, if you like.

Criteria & Marking:
Criterion Weight Indicative length

(words) Your word count Marks awarded

Overall presentation
including referencing 10% –
Introduction and abstract 10%   Around 200-500,

+200 word abstract

Aims and Objectives,
significance 20% Around 500-800
Background and 30% Around 1,000

literature review
Methodology 30% Around 1,000
Submission: An electronic copy must be uploaded through the relevant
Turnitin link on Blackboard. Due date to be announced in class and on


This study explores the effects of executive stock potion incentive on corporate performance. Background information shows that the effects of executive stock option incentives on corporate performance are not well established. The study will seek to explore four objectives: the factors motivating award of executive stock option incentive, positive effect of this award, negative effects of this award, and recommend the best practices. The finds of this study will help the industry to understand the effect of executive stock option incentive on corporate government to inform on the best practices. The study will use secondary qualitative research method. Secondary data will be obtained from credible sources that were published not earlier than 1990, with preference given to previous peer reviewed studies and financial statements. Data will be analysed through thematic analysis. The study will be conducted within 3 months.