Hst 101 Exam 2A
General Directions & Reminders: Follow the directions for each section. Print off this sheet
and your essays and staple this sheet to the front. All essays must be turned in, hard copy, during
class at the date specified by the instructor. Remember, follow the Paper Guidelines found in the
Master Document List and properly cite anything taken form a source: quotations, summaries, or
ideas, as not citing properly may lead to claims of plagiarism. Finally, do not forget to complete
the unit quiz; it is often better to complete the quiz first.
Special note: The exam essay prompts are often formatted to allow for multiple interpretations,
making them somewhat broad and generalized. Despite this, these essays seek to illicit specific
answers from students. As such, students should attempt to respond to the essays in a deep and
specific manner. Student responses should provide detailed historical examples from the
timeframe or genre of the course to support their theses.

Section 1 (Analysis and Evaluation):
Directions: Out of the two statements below choose ONE, circle the chosen statement. Type out
an essay that either DEFENDS or REFUTES the selected prompt, making sure to follow the
Paper Guidelines found in the Master Document List. Be sure to pick one side (defense or
refutation) and support this stance with detailed historical evidence. You must use at least one
academic source (50 pts).
1. The primary cause of rebellions and revolutions is economics.
2. Depressions and recessions were principally the result of outside entities meddling in free



Paper Guidelines
All written assignments, including tests, must adhere to the following guidelines:
1. Assignment must be an original work (i.e. no plagiarism)
2. Assignment must be turned in by the designated due date
3. Assignment cannot use first or second person (I, we, us, you, etc)
4. All sources must be academic primary or secondary sources, no wikipedia, dictionaries, or
encyclopedias, etc
5. Assignment must be typed, 12pt Times New Roman font
6. Assignment must be double spaced, with no additional spacing
7. Assignment must have 1 inch margins
8. Assignment cannot use contractions, slang, or text-message abbreviations
9. Assignment must follow MLA parenthetical citation conventions
10. Assignment must have a properly formatted Works Cited page
11. All internet based sources must include a working URL in the works cited entry
12. No block quotations and no quotations that exceed 30 words
13. Assignment must have the student’s name, class name, assignment, and the meeting day and
start time in the top right corner of the first page, single-spaced.


Instructor's Note: The above is considered an "A" level paper. Students should take note of its
clear structure, its use of diverse and detailed evidence, it correct use of sources, good
formatting, and its clarity in argument. While there is minor room for improvement, the essay
clearly meets the expectations of the rubric and the course. Notice too that it did not require
exceptional length. Instead, the essay shows the power of pith and good articulation.


Rebellions and revolutions have been witnessed throughout the course of human history. They significantly markdissatisfaction with the status quo and agitation for new ways of doing things in the affected society. Analyzing the reasons why people rebel or decide to cause a revolution, economic factors are always among the reasons given.