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Day care is provision of the child care during the day by another person other than the child’s parent or the legal guardian. With the 20th century gone behind our backs, we are faced with many challenges as the lifestyle changes and our cost of living has shot up.  Since the 1960s, there has been an ever changing gender role landscape and more mothers have taken to paid employment. This sudden change in gender roles means that we are faced with a new challenge of taking care of the earlier roles that were played by women especially in perspective of providing early child care. The first three years are very important in the development of the child and they may affect their later life. This   brings to the issue why day care services have elicited heated argument among child care experts on their effects in the growth and development of the child. The effect of alternative day care service on a child has been evaluated in different perspectives including the socialization process, parental bonding and attachment, curiosity and play behavior, peer relationship and influence, and sex typing and sex roles development.  In all these perspectives, there are no adverse effects that have been found on the development of the child and some researchers have even documented health benefits for children attending day care outside their home. Early day care does not have adverse effects on the development of the child.